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Model: ASR1001-X Aggregation Service Router
Detail: Cisco ASR1000-series router, QuantumFlow processor, 2.5G system bandwidth, WAN aggregation, SPA slot, SIP10, OTV, VPL, LISP
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ASR1001-X SMARTnet Service Tool

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Overview (ASR1001-X)

Cisco ASR 1000-X is designed for high-end enterprise, data center, service provider edging network in order to handle explosive traffic through the network. It supports only software redundancy, and it is based on a Quad-core 2.13GHz processor with 4GB memory, 8GB flash memory, 1 SPA bay, SPA interface processor 10 (SIP10).

This ASR1001-X is similar with the ASR1001-X=. The  ASR1001-X= is a spare one.

Quick Specs

Figure 1 shows the appearance of the Cisco ASR 1001-X.

Cisco ASR1001-X

Table 1 shows the Quick Specs.

Product Code

Cisco ASR 1001-X

Rack Height


System Bandwidth

2.5G (default) / 5G, 10G, 20G (upgrade)

Router Processor (RP)

Quad-core 2.13Ghz processor

Build-in Gigabit Ethernet port

6 x SFP ports, 2 x SFP+ ports


Software (license purchase separately)

SIP and Ethernet line card

Integrated in chassis; not upgradable

Embedded hardware-based encryption

up to 8-Gbps crypto support throughput



DRAM Memory

4 GB

Flash Memory

8 GB

Shared port adapters

1 SPA slot

External USB flash memory

1-GB USB flash-memory support

Product Details

Figure 2 shows the front panel of Cisco ASR 1001-X.

Cisco ASR1001-X Front Panel


① NIM slots

② CON—One mini eUSB por

③ STAT—Status LED

④ CRIT LED—Critical alarm indicator; MAJ LED—Major alarm indicator; MIN LED—Minor alarm indicator

⑤ 6 x SFP ports, 2 x SFP+ ports

⑥ CON—One RJ-45/RS-232 compatible console port

⑦ USB port 1

⑧ USB port 0 

⑨ Shared port adapter slot

⑩ MGMT—One RJ-45 10/100/1000 management Ethernet port. 

⑪ AUX—One RJ-45/RS-232 compatible auxiliary port 

⑫ PWR—Power LED

·Six built-in 1 GE SFP-only interfaces (do not support SFP+), and two built-in 10 GE SFP+ interfaces (support only 10-GE rate)

Table 2 shows some LEDs’ Descriptions.






Solid green

All power requirements are within specification.


The router is in standby mode.




Solid green

Cisco IOSD and other required processes have loaded successfully and are operating.


ROMMON is running (including a permanent failure of RP software) or the Process Manager has declared a critical RP process (including IOSD) dead. A user can log in to recover.


Occurs during system failure or power-up.



Solid Red

Functions as a critical alarm indicator. The LED is lso a solid red during the boot process.



Solid Red

Major alarm indicator.




Minor alarm indicator.

Figure 3 shows the back panel of ASR1001-X.

Cisco ASR1001-X Back Panel


① Two power supplies, either two AC power supplies or two DC power supplies are accessed from the rear of the router and are hot-swappable.

② Four internal fans draw cooling air into the chassis and across internal components to maintain an acceptable operating temperature.

The Configuration

The ASR1001-X should be configured with some modules and accessories for normal operation.

Table 3 shows the recommended configuration.






Cisco ASR1001-X AC Power Supply



Power Cord, 250VAC, 15A, NEMA L6-20 to C13, US






Blank faceplate for NIM slot on Cisco ISR 4400



Blank Cover for regular SPA



Cisco ASR1001-X 8GB DRAM



ASE1K-other applications for Enterprise or SP-Tracking only



Cisco ASR1001 License L-SLASR1-IPB= Cisco ASR 1000 IP BASE E-Delivery PAK

Datasheet Download

Cisco Router ASR 1000 Series Datasheet.pdf

Get more information

Do you have any question about the Cisco ASR 1001-X?

Contact us now via Live Chat or


Specification (ASR1001-X)

ASR1001-X Specifications

Physical specifications

Note: Depth applies to chassis edge-to-edge dimension and does not include protrusions such as card handles, power-supply handles, and cable management brackets.

Refer to the applicable hardware installation guide for additional details.

Height: 1.71 in. (43.43 mm)

Width: 17.3 in. (439.42 mm)

Depth: 18.17 in. (461.5 mm)


●  25 lb (11.35 kg) fully loaded

Note: The Cisco ASR 1001-X Router has the route processor, ESP, and SIP integrated.

Default memory

8-GB DRAM shared across route processor, ESP, and SIP

Number of SIPs or Ethernet line cards supported

Integrated in chassis

Shared port adapters

1 single-height SPA slot

Ethernet port adapters


Cisco ASR 1000 Series ESP

Integrated in chassis

Route processor

Integrated in the chassis: Cisco ASR 1001-X Series Route Processor with Quad Core Processor


Software: Yes

Built-in Gigabit Ethernet ports

Yes: 6 Gigabit Ethernet Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) ports

Built-in 10 Gigabit Ethernet port

Yes: Two 10 Gigabit Ethernet Small Form-Factor Plus Pluggable (SFP+) ports

Note:Built-in 10-GB ports cannot be reduced to 1-GB speed.

Network interface module


Cisco ASR 1000 Series

Cisco ASR 1001-X

ESP support

Cisco ASR 1000 Series 2.5-Gbps ESP (default)

Upgradable through a software-activated feature license to 5, 10, or 20 Gbps

ESP bandwidth

2.5 to 20 Gbps

ESP memory

Share the same control memory on route processor

SIPs and Ethernet line cards

Integrated in chassis; not upgradable

Embedded hardware-based encryption

Yes: Up to 8-Gbps crypto support throughput

Minimum Cisco IOS XE Software release

Cisco IOS XE Software Release 3.12.0


Yes: 19-inch



External USB flash memory

1-GB USB flash-memory support

Redundant power supply

Yes: Dual power supplies by default; option of either AC or DC power supply

Note: A mix of one AC and one DC power supply is not supported.

Power input

Worldwide ranging AC input range (85 to 264 VAC)

Worldwide ranging DC

(-40 to -72V; 48V nominal)

Power consumption

●  Maximum (DC): 242W

●  Maximum (AC): 250W

●  Maximum (out): 250W



Operating temperature (nominal)

32 to 104°F
(0 to 40°C)

Operating temperature (short-term)

32 to 122°F
(0 to 50°C)

Operating humidity (nominal) (relative humidity)

10 to 85%

Operating humidity (short-term)

5 to 90%

Storage temperature

-40 to 150°F

(-40 to 70°C)

Storage humidity (relative humidity)

5 to 95%

Operating altitude

-500 to 10,000 feet
(152 to 3048 meters)

Network Equipment Building Standards (NEBS)

GR-1089 and GR-63 (in progress)

EMC standards

●  FCC 47 CFR Part 15 Class A

●  VCCI Class A

●  AS/NSZ Class A

●  ICES-003 Class A

●  EN55022/CISPR 22 Information Technology Equipment


●  EN55024/CISPR 24 Information Technology Equipment


●  EN300 386 Telecommunications Network Equipment

●  (EMC)

●  EN50082-1/EN61000-6-1 Generic Immunity Standard

Safety Standard


CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1-03

EN 60950-1

IEC 60950-1

AS/NZS 60950.1


Faq (ASR1001-X)

How do I order ASR 1001-X Router?

Please contact us via Live Chat or

What new key items are introduced with the ASR 1001-X chassis?

The ASR 1001-X Series features two built-in 10-GigabitEthernet (GE) ports. In addition, the ASR 1001-X has a network interface module (NIM) slot and a shared port adapter (SPA) slot to expand connectivity options.

What system power-supply options are available for the ASR 1001-X?

The ASR 1000 Series supports, by default, two power entry modules (PEMs) with either AC receptacle or DC terminal block for redundancy. The two redundant PEMs load-share the power between them. If an external power supply fails or one PEM fails or is removed, the other PEM provides the entire power requirements for the chassis.

Can one AC and one DC power supply be used together on the ASR 1000-X?

No. The ASR 1000 Series supports dual power supplies by default. However, the rout

Can different Cisco IOS Software releases operate in the same network with the Cisco IOS XE Software releases?

Yes, Cisco took special care to preserve the interoperability

What are the major components of the ASR 1000 Series?

The major components of the ASR 1000 Series include:

• ASR 1000 Series chassis

• ASR 1000 Series Route Processor (RP2 module, or a route processor, are integrated in ASR 1001- X, ASR 1002-X, ASR 1001-HX, and ASR 1002-HX chassis)

• ASR 1000 Series Embedded Services Processor (ESP20, ESP40, ESP100, and ESP200)

What is the main difference between the ASR 1000 Series ESP2.5, ESP5, and ESP20, ESP40, ESP100, and ESP200 processors?

All ESPs are based on the Cisco Flow Processor for performing all data-plane forwarding functions, such as MAC classification, Layers 2 and 3 forwarding, QoS, ACL, VPN, and NetFlow. The ASR 1000 Series ESP2.5 supports 2.5-Gbps bandwidth (integrated in the ASR 1001-X chassis), and the ESP5 supports 5-Gbps bandwidth. The ESP20 supports 20-Gbps bandwidth, the ESP40 supports 40-Gbps bandwidth, the ESP100 supports 100-Gbps bandwidth, and the ESP200 supports 200 Gbps bandwidth. The ASR 1000 Series ESP10-N does not support IPsec services. Refer to Table 3 for more comparisons and specifications. The integrated ESP in the ASR 1001-X chassis supports from 2.5 to 5, 10, 20 Gbps (upgradable through a software license with software activation), whereas the integrated ESP in the ASR 1002-X chassis supports from 5 to 10, 20, 36 Gbps.

What is the expected performance of the ASR 1000 Series?

The overall forwarding performance of the ASR 1000 Series depends on the ESP. The overall control-plane performance of the ASR 1000 Series depends on both the route processor and the ESP.

What is the ACL processing capability of the ASR 1000 Series?

The ASR 1000 Series processes ACLs in the ESPs. The ASR 1000 Series supports up to 4000 unique ACLs and up to 400,000 access control entries (ACEs) per system.

How can I deploy the value-added features on ASR 1000 Series Routers?

First, select a Cisco IOS XE Software consolidated package that supports the required features. Second, check whether this feature requires a software license. If it does, you must purchase the required license in addition to the Cisco IOS XE consolidated package. The consolidated package and license are linked to the chassis, so if you upgrade from one route processor to another or from one ESP to another, you do not need to purchase a new consolidated package or feature license. 

Shipping & Payment


Cargo will be delivered within 1 day after payment arrived. Tracking Number will be offered once delivery done.

Delivery OptionsEstimated Delivery Time
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Hong Kong Air Parcel 10-20 business days
By Sea 10-20 business days


Above mentioned information are just for your reference only,we will keep you posted for the tracking delivery schedule.There are two delivery options available for by air and by sea:

Deliver to port: is responsible for transporting goods to port. All subsequent customs and transportation fees are the
responsibility of the buyer. Router-switch will recommend trustworthy local freight forwarders to can facilitate the progress under buyer's permission and at buyer's expense.

Deliver to door: will quote all destination charge prior once we have confirmed order. is responsible for transporting goods to door after you have made the payment.

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