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Router-switch.com (HongKong Yejian Technologies Co., Ltd) is one of the biggest Global Network Hardware Supplier, founded in 2002. We are a global provider of networking products with 14,500+ customers in over 200 countries. We provide original new and used Cisco & Huawei network equipments, including Routers, Switches, Servers, Storage, Telepresence and Videoconferencing, IP Phones, Firewalls, Wireless APs & Controllers, EHWIC/HWIC/VWIC Cards, SFPs, Memory & Flash, Hard Disk, Cables, and all kinds of network solutions related products.

Our technical team provides Free CCIE technical support and brings effective solutions to customers. Committed to 100% customer satisfaction, cost-effective product and strict quality management, Router-switch.com continues to improve their service, optimize their purchase channel and adopt advanced management system. Currently, we have gained good reputation in Cisco/Huawei field and will continue to strive for better foreground.

Why Router-switch.com?

Router-switch.com focuses on original new Cisco and Huawei equipment, including Routers, Switches, Servers, Stroage, EHWIC/HWIC/VWIC Cards, SFPs, Memory & Flash, cable, etc.

  •  Save up to 50%-98% off GPL
  •  Fast shipping in 1-5 days
  •  $5 million Huge Inventory Available
  •  Trusted by 14,500+ Worldwide Customers
  •  Customers from 200+ Countries
  •  Specialized in Network Hardware/Cisco for 15 Years
  •  Free CCIE support
  •  Ebay PowerSeller
  •  14 Years Gold Supplier
Global Markets and Customers

Router-switch.com has 15 years professional experience in selling network hardware (Cisco and Huawei) and related accessories, offering better pre-sale and after-sale support, solutions, which attracted more than 14,500 Buyers over 200 countries.

The global markets of router-switch.com cover the world’s main countries and regions, including North America, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe, etc.

Growth Timeline

In 2002, http://www.router-switch.com/ founded in Hong Kong.
In 2004, Built CCIE technical support team.
In 2005, Sales value maintained 70% growth per year.
In 2007, Established marketing department. Timely information of IT & network products provided.
In 2008, Most advanced management tools are adopted to improve efficiency. Great!
In 2009, Upgraded warehouse in HK & Mainland China. Inventory is worth over $5 million.
In 2012, New offices landed in USA & UK for globalization strategic development.
In 2013, Making the great effort to be the leading network hardware supplier online.
In 2014, Started Huawei Business, to meet customers’ diversified demands.
In 2015, Turnover has reached $100 million, which is by 24% more than 2014.
Now, in 2016, Router-switch.com welcomes its 15th anniversary. We have won 14,500+ global customers over 200+ countries.

Powerful Management System

We introduce professional sales management system sap all-in-5, including

Customer relationship Management (CRM)
Technology Management (TM)
Ship Management
Warehouse Management (WM)
Sales & Distribution Management (SDM)
What Our Customers Say?
  • "I am very concerned about the shipment since I need the goods urgently and i did not buy it from this website before. But their great services have finally convinced me to order from them. Their shipment is immediate and fast."
  • --Daniel Petit

      United States

  • "Partner from South Africa; prefer its reliability, variety in Cisco hardware, lower price but better Cisco products, also its excellent after service. Why not choose?"
  • --Karim Rothwel

      South Africa

  • "I am a retailer for ICT products, so having small PO always. But here I feel very good service and patient. Moreover, no lead time make me win PO quickly."
  • --Mohammed Azmath

      United States

  • "Original Cisco hardware, the best possible price, and your excellent customer service let us can't refuse it. Hope to get your more discounts for Cisco hot items as soon as possible."
  • --Franck Régis



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