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What's the GoldenSeed Program?

No matter who you are, regulars, new customers,

end-users, geeks, distributors, resellers,

integrators or just yourself,

it’s possible for you to become our best partners.

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Why GoldenSeed Program?

The Leading Network Hardware Supplier

Specialized in providing network hardware and technical support for 15 years, will help you become a better partner to develop your business.

Of Zero Risk to the Win-win GoldenSeed Program

There is of zero risk and absolutely secure for you to join the win-win GoldenSeed Program. Your private information will be protected in our RS Management System.

High & Long-term Commission Returns

Earn up to 3% COMMISSIONS on the orders you bring to us. The benefits or profits include up to 3% commission on the first order you bring to us. You can get 1.5% commissions on the repeat orders that your guests or customers completed. That means the more orders you bring, the more commissions you get.

Flexible Modes of Cooperation

No matter who you are, where you are, you simply share our items to your SNS, or just advertise items to your customers and friends, it’s possible and easy for you to get a generous commission from GoldenSeed Program when the items that you shared sell.

How does the GoldenSeed Program Work?

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Submit the Seed (Coupon Code)/

Advertise or Promotion

Earn and Make Money

Sign In/Sign Up to Be a Golden Seed

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Submit the Seed (Coupon Code)/Advertise or Promotion

About “Coupon Code”

When you register a “GoldenSeed” account or just Login to Your Account on, you will get a unique “Coupon Code” in your “Coupon Code” account.
Note: The Coupon Code you received is unique. When someone places an order via this code, we will determine this order from yours.
Send and share our Coupon Code to potential customers or some effective platforms such as SNS and email. If the Code that you sent to others has been used to place orders at, you will get a certain sales commission.
Note: We will offer some supports for you, such as providing you with the advertisement contents including the text details & email design
You will get 3% commission from the first order of your guest or customer achieved via the“Coupon”. If these customers repeat orders from us, you will get 1.5% commissions from the further orders.
How to Calculate Your Commission?
Take an Example in Details to Calculate Commissions you get:
Ordes Amount Rate Commission
The First Order $10, 000 3% $300
The Repeat Orders $ 30,000 1.5% $450
The commissions will be transferred to your PayPal account. And the settled currency is US dollars.
We will summarize last month orders on 16th of each month. We transfer the commissions to you on 3rd of next month. We summarize the effective orders that your customers confirm the receipt of goods.
The professional sales team & engineer group from will offer the best services for your customers, including pre-sale service, quotation, free CCIE support, network solutions, after-sale service, and so forth.
  • If you want to see more information about our “GoldenSeed Program”,
  • please contact us:
  • Email:
  • Live Chat
  • Skype: golden_seeds

How to Calculate Your Commission?

Get 3% Commission for the First Order/ New Business.

Get 1.5% Commission for the Repeat Orders/ Recurring Business.

  • Transaction Amount: $10,000—the First Order
  • Commission Rate: 3%
  • Commission You Get: $300
  • Transaction Amount: $30,000—the Repeat Orders
  • Commission Rate: 1.5%
  • Commission You Get: $450

What Else We Can Do for You


What’s the’s GoldenSeed Program?’s GoldenSeed Program aims to build a platform to help our customers become the better partners and develop their business. No matter who you are, where you are, if you simply share our items to your social circles/SNS, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, blog and websites, or just advertise items to your customers and friends, you will earn a generous commission from when the items that you shared sell.

What Benefits Can I Get from the GoldenSeed Program?

The benefits include up to 3% commissions on your sales, or per order you bring to us. You can get 1.5% commission on the repeat orders that your guests or customers completed.

How Do I Trust Your GoldenSeed Program?

The private information and files of all the members will be protected and managed in’s RS Management System.

How Do I Start My GoldenSeed Program with

If you are a member of GoldenSeed Program, just log in to enter into our GoldenSeed Program System to manage your information or seed profile. If you are not a member, just register to be a member and fill in your information in the GSP System. Then you can start your business by advertising or promoting our items.

Profit from Our Experience

Earn Up to 3% COMMISSIONS with Leading Network Hardware Supplier.