Model: AIR-CAP1552ICK9-RF - Cisco Aironet 1552I Outdoor Access Point
Detail: 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Access Point, Internal Antenna, C Regulatory Domain, Remanufactured
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Condition: Brand New Sealed
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AIR-CAP1552ICK9-RF SMARTnet Service Tool.

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Overview (AIR-CAP1552ICK9-RF)

Part NumberAIR-CAP1552ICK9-RF
Description802.11N Outdoor Mesh Access Point, Internal Antenna, C Regulatory Domain, Remanufactured
  • 2 x 3 multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) with two spatial streams
  • Legacy beamforming
  • 20- and 40-MHz channels
  • PHY data rates up to 300 Mbps
  • Packet aggregation: A-MPDU (Tx/Rx), A-MSDU (Tx/Rx)
  • 802.11 dynamic frequency selection (DFS)
  • Cyclic shift diversity (CSD) support
Interfaces10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet, autosensing (RJ-45)
Dimensions (W x L x H)12.3 x 8.6 x 5.6 in. (31.2 x 22.9 x 14.2 cm)
Weight14 lbs (6.4 kg)

Specification (AIR-CAP1552ICK9-RF)

802.11N Outdoor Mesh Access Point, Internal Antenna, C Regulatory Domain, Remanufactured


SMARTnet Support Quick Guide

Cisco SMARTnet Overview - Cisco SMARTnet Service Codes - Cisco SMARTnet Types
Cisco SMARTnet F.A.Q

AIR-CAP1552ICK9-RF SMARTnet Service Tool

Product Name Detail Price
CON-3SNT-AIRCA151 3YR SNTC 8X5XNBD 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-3SNTP-AIRCA151 3YR SNTC 24X7X4 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-3OSP-AIRCA151 3YR SNTC 24X7X4OS 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-SNT-AIRCA151 SNTC-8X5XNBD 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-SNTE-AIRCA151 SNTC-8X5X4 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-SNTP-AIRCA151 SNTC-24X7X4 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-OS-AIRCA151 SNTC-8X5XNBDOS 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-OSE-AIRCA151 SNTC-8X5X4OS 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-OSP-AIRCA151 SNTC-24X7X4OS 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCD2-AIRCA151 CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCD2 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCD2P-AIRCA151 CMBSV 24X7X2OS NCD2P 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCD4P-AIRCA151 CMBSV 24X7X4OS NCD4P 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCD4S-AIRCA151 CMB SV 8X5X4OS NCD4S 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCDCS-AIRCA151 CBSV 8X5XNBDOS NCDCS 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCDE-AIRCA151 CMB SVC 8X5X4 NCDE 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCDP-AIRCA151 CMB SVC 24X7X4 NCDP 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCDT-AIRCA151 CMBSVC 8X5XNBD NCDT 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCDW-AIRCA151 CMB SPT SVC SW NCDW 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCF2-AIRCA151 CMB SPT SVC 24X7X2 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCF2P-AIRCA151 CMB SPT SVC 24X7X2OS 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCF4P-AIRCA151 CMB SPT SVC 24X7X4OS 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCF4S-AIRCA151 CMB SPT SVC 8X5X4OS 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCFCS-AIRCA151 CMB SPT SVC 8X5XNBDO 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCFE-AIRCA151 CMB SPT SVC 8X5X4 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCFP-AIRCA151 CMB SPT SVC 24X7X4 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCFT-AIRCA151 CMB SPT SVC 8X5XNBD 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCFW-AIRCA151 CMB SPT SVC SW 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCH2-AIRCA151 CMB SVC 24X7X2 NCH2 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCH2P-AIRCA151 CMBSV 24X7X2OS NCH2P 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCH4P-AIRCA151 CMBSV 24X7X4OS NCH4P 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCH4S-AIRCA151 CMB SV 8X5X4OS NCH4S 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCHCS-AIRCA151 CBSV 8X5XNBDOS NCHCS 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCHE-AIRCA151 CMB SVC 8X5X4 NCHE 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCHP-AIRCA151 CMB SVC 24X7X4 NCHP 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCHT-AIRCA151 CMBSVC 8X5XNBD NCHT 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-NCHW-AIRCA151 CMB SPT SVC SW NCHW 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-PREM-AIRCA151 SNTC-24X7X2OS 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-S2P-AIRCA151 SNTC-24X7X2 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
CON-SSC2P-AIRCA151 SOLN SUPP 24X7X2OS 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Access Point. Int. A Inquiry
CON-SSC4P-AIRCA151 SOLN SUPP 24X7X4OS 82.11N Outdoor Mesh Access Point Int. An Inquiry
CON-SSC4S-AIRCA151 SOLN SUPP 8X5X4OS 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Access Point. Int. An Inquiry
CON-SSCS-AIRCA151 SOLN SUPP 8X5XNBDOS 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Access Point. Int. Inquiry
CON-SSS2P-AIRCA151 SOLN SUPP 24X7X2 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Access Point. Int. Ant Inquiry
CON-SSSNE-AIRCA151 SOLN SUPP 8X5X4 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Access Point. Int. Ant. Inquiry
CON-SSSNP-AIRCA151 SOLN SUPP 24X7X4 82.11N Outdoor Mesh Access Point Int. Ant. Inquiry
CON-SSSNT-AIRCA151 SOLN SUPP 8X5XNBD 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Access Point Int. An Inquiry
CON-SW-AIRCA151 SNTC-NO RMA 802.11N Outdoor Mesh Inquiry
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